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Exodus is a beginner friendly cryptocurrency wallet for a desktop. It is a relatively new but easy to use software wallet thanks to it nice and clean interface that is beginner friendly. Exodus was officially launched in Q2 2017 and has since grown to become one most easy to use cryptocurrency wallet. Exodus wallet boost of a beautiful, clean and simple interface. It is designed to be easy to use by people who are new to cryptocurrency and have never used an exchange. It tries to eliminate all technical overhead and make sure users are able to perform available actions in an easy and straightforward manner.

Exodus Wallet currently supports over 60 different cryptocurrencies. Exodus Wallet also supports exchanging of cryptocurrencies via it built in exchange which currently supports Changelly, ChangeNow, and CoinSwitch.

1. Beginner Friendly: Exodus wallet is currently one of the recommended wallets for beginners due to its intuitive interface and easy setup process. All tasks like storing, sending, receiving and exchange of cryptocurrencies can easily be performed in the app and one don't need a crypto expert in order to use the app.
2. Well Documented: A well-written documentation about the wallet is available on its website that covers a wide variety of topics. Exodus also has a support team ready to answer any questions you have relating to using the app.
3. Support A Wide Variety Of Coins: Exodus wallet support a wide variety of popular coin like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. It currently supports +60 different cryptocurrencies.
4. Built-In Exchange: Exodus wallet has a built-in exchange which supports ChangeNow, Changelly and CoinSwitch. This makes it really easy for users to exchange their cryptocurrencies directly in the app.

1. Not Suitable For Large Asset: It is not advisable to store large asset on software wallet due to the potential risk of losing asset due to hack and viruses. Instead, the large asset should be stored on a hardware wallet. Even the developers of Exodus wallet advise users about this.
2. Relatively New: Exodus wallet is a relatively new wallet, although users have access to their private key/credentials, it is important to note that the Exodus wallet is mostly closed sourced. But based on feedback it seems the company behind this wallet can be trusted cause one of its key developers has created a lot of open source libraries that are being used in the crypto community.
3. Lack of mobile support.
4. Currently lacks two-factor authentication and Multisig Support.

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